Kimpande Jewelry is designed and made uniquely by Eduardo Paz. In his workshop, he creates different and exclusive pieces of wearable history. Each piece is carefully designed and made by hand and can take up to one week to complete. Irregularities in all of Kimpande Jewelry are part of its design and manufacturing process. He works hard by himself to research history, design, and create every piece of jewelry with traditional techniques, while also taking time to give his clients the best service. He wants to offer the best experience so you must read the guidelines of Kimpande Jewelry policies before your purchase. Please reach out to our email if any doubt arises.
Return Policy - Please read thoroughly the description of every piece listed,
including size and materials. We do NOT make refunds for any reasons
Exchanges: Kimpande Jewelry gives you (30) days if your piece of jewelry breaks because of manufacturing reasons. Exchanges should be for the same price item or the same jewelry item you purchased. If you choose an item that is a higher price, you have to pay the remaining balance. The client will have to send clear photos of the broken piece, and if the exchange is approved, they have to send it through the mail back to Kimpande’s workshop. We will not cover these shipping and handling prices, but we won’t charge you for the cost of your new piece. The brand does not accept exchanges in cases where the issue was the customer's responsibility. For inquiries on this matter please send us an email to: kimpandejewelry@gmail.com
Gold-plated jewelry: For gold-plated pieces, the client can ask for an additional gold bath for an additional cost that will be decided by the designer.
Stains on skin: Bronze parts may stain or leave oxidation marks on the skin due to the use of the bronze and the Ph of the person. This is not an indicator that the piece is broken, wrongly manufactured, or needs to be exchanged. It’s a common reaction of bronze pieces.